About Us

 BBALP is a non-profit, non-partisan international organization that promote literacy in Africa. Headquartered in NY with subsidiaries in Ghana, France, and Spain. 

My Motto

With a book you will never feel alone”!  I am a person who travels often for work, and I always carry a book with me.  Whether I am waiting in an airport, sitting on an airplane, alone in my hotel room, or eating by myself in a restaurant, I am always in good company with a good book.

My History

I recently traveled to Africa (Ghana) for the first time.  Like many who have gone before me, I fell in love with the people and place. Also like many who have gone before me, I returned home with a desire to help Africa grow and develop. As with any developing country there is a need to build schools, hospitals, and other areas of infrastructure. Ultimately I have chosen to help Ghana develop by supplying something that is very close to my heart: Books!

I have always loved to read, and books have introduced me to a world of new ideas and concepts. I would like to give the people of Ghana the gift of inspiration and new ideas as well. The impact that books can make in Africa is seen with William Kamkwamba of Mali.

This young man’s family could not afford to continue to send him to school. However after reading a book about how windmills can be used to create energy, William Kamkwamba was inspired to build a windmill which created enough electricity to power his house and eventually his village.

I believe there are more young men and women like William Kamkwamba in Ghana, and I would like to supply them with books that can inspire them in similar ways. As a result of this, I have decided to start the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project, with the goal of building a library in Africa, with the first one in a town called Kokofu (in the Region of Kumasi in Ghana).

Why Kokofu? Because the Chief of Kokofu, Barima Offe Akwasi Okogyeasuo II granted me with the honor and title of Queen Development Mother.  With this title Chief Okogyeasuo II gave me a piece of land, which I decided to build the first library. The Chief also named me Nana Akwa Serwah.

BBALP Mission Statement

As technology evolves rapidly at BBALP we want to promote digital literacy too. Many skills can be built through STEM, such as creativity, critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving, and teamwork, which will help African people to be successful in the future.


STEM is not just about learning science, technology, engineering, and math content, but rather is a way to connect and support learning in all content areas. BBALP has the objective to join forces with other organizations to promote technology literacy skills through learning experiences that will spark empowerment. 

Literacy means the ability to read, write and listen effectively.

Developing literacy is part of our mission.

BBALP is a non-profit, non-partisan international organization headquartered in NY with subsidiaries in Ghana, France, and Spain.  The BBALP’s mission is to promote literacy among the African people building well equipped, modern and sustainable efficient libraries in with the aim to bring the gift of ideas and education in Africa.

Our Goals